peanut butter cookie lasagna

if you're looking for a crowd-pleasing, easy, delish dessert....
I found this recipe on Pinterest from hugsandcookiesxoxo
and I'll certainly be making this again! 
All you need is: 
1 box of Nutter Butter cookies
1 tub of Cool Whip
1 package vanilla pudding (prepared and chilled) 
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter (melted in microwave) 
peanut butter cups (I used a bag of mini ones, but a few packages of regular sized ones would be easier to chop up) 

line an 8X8 pan with Nutter Butter cookies to cover the bottom of pan
drizzle with melted peanut butter
spread 1/2 of the vanilla pudding over the top
spread with 1/2 of the Cool Whip
sprinkle crushed up peanut butter cups over the top 
repeat layering cookies, melted peanut butter, vanilla, Cool Whip....
then top with more crushed peanut butter cups.... 
*I warmed up some hot fudge and drizzled that over the final layer just for fun
chill for at least 24 hours to the cookies can soften up.... 

for reference in the picture above, I tripled the recipe and made a 13X11
 pan for school and a smaller 8X8 pan for home....this dessert is super rich so a 
little serving goes a long way if you need to feed a crowd!


new coffee bar

I go back and forth with the idea of a coffee bar...
for now, it's back...due to some wire baskets from Costco
which threw off the whole counter-top mojo for me...

I found this console table at Kirkland with chalkboard faced drawers...
eeeks cuteness and organization all in one place 

these are the wire baskets that started it all...
hey, it may all move again, it's what I do...but for now....
we have a nice-organized coffee station :) 

happy Wednesday! 


pallet sign

Happy Sunday :) I've neglected my little blog for months
due to busy schedules at school and at home, time to catch up...

first of all, if you didn't watch Home Town on HGTV today,
make sure to find out when it airs next in your area...
this show will be your new favorite....

so on to crafting around here~
a few years ago I made this sign for the kids' bathroom...
the kids are growing up and moving away to college 
so with just a few littles at home I decided to update the bathroom a bit....

so first, here's what I did with the sign....a little chalkboard paint, and whalla...
ok, so I originally tried to paint the pallet boards white, 
but the original "splish splash" kept popping through....so chalkboard paint it was....
and a battery powered light string from Kirkland to brighten up the hallway area

and the bathroom, 
ah-thanks Target for such cute decor....
this wall hanging is just as darling as some I've picked up 
by handmade artists on Etsy....  
I found this stag head on Amazon, but 
(towels from, ya guessed it, Target)

the shower curtain was an Anthro knock off I made a few years ago
(it took a just few hours to stitch up) and it has held up 
so well! I throw it in the washer with some 
oxy-clean and it stays super bright-white.... 



favorite new chandelier

yikes, I am in love with this new chandelier we just 
got from Lowes

it was fairly simple to install, you just need to adjust the cords to 
the length you prefer...and grab some Edison bulbs
(the vintage bulbs make such a difference).
Whallaaa, instant cuteness in the dining room :) 
find it HERE



back to school

we are back in full swing around here... 
we all miss summer, but the schedule of back to school is a nice routine~

moving my gal back to the dorm, had to laugh at this box
that was previously labeled "Build a Bear clothes"
yikes...where does the time go? (sad face)

awe, we had a beautiful double rainbow outside of our school 
the other day (the top rainbow is light in the pic)...it was amazing :)

we hit up Target a few times during dorm move in...spied these boots 
(ordered online pair in black for my girl-hurry and get them soon)
and what-do-ya-know....when I strategically stopped at a Target on the 
drive home, they happened to have my size :) *happiness*

here we are with her roomie at a cozy Italian restaurant in the city....
delish delish delish

high school football is also in full swing...
I love going to watch my boy practice, 
and the FFA/Agricultural program is housed near the field....
every day this one chicken squeezes through the fence for a little stroll.... love it~
how adorable are my AVID students this year? This gal printed 
these "Keep Calm and Love My AVID Binder" for all of her dividers...
if you know AVID you know we like big binders...and organization...
this was our farewell project of the summer... a built in for the TV 
and hubby is now happy to have drawers and doors for the games and boxes and such...
happy back to school :) 


classroom gallery wall

back-to-school is one of my favorite times of the school year~
I always try to redecorate and refresh my room each year, 
this year I squeezed all of my little signs into one gallery wall what do ya think?


Back to school bundle

This is a great download from TPT...
it's a middle/high school mustache themed bundle
and it's full of great first-week activities! 
{lots of fun iPad and app pages kids create, all about me, etc...}
this will be a cute print for my new gallery wall :)  
{it is included in the bundle}
you can find it HERE for just $6.00  (65 pages)


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