summer fun

oh summer, we love you~

we were able to visit the east coast and see some 
incredible sites....

here we are at The White House....the day we visited the 
president was in Cali...go figure!   

Mount Vernon....truly beautiful...so moving to see our first president's home!

The Washington Monument on a perfect, rainy day in DC

The Lincoln Memorial....my most favorite site

the darling 4 story Victorian we rented in Columbia Heights
*if you are traveling with a large group, check out 
VRBO/HomeAway for a house rental instead of a hotel
(this house made our trip amazing!)

we spent some time in Atlanta....and visited all of the good stuff 
there, as well.....
of course we had to search for Carl Azuz 
(if you watch CNN Student News ya know who Carl is)
he's off for the summer :) 

happy summer :) 


cheddar bay biscuits

we made the most delish biscuits last night.... 
these cheddar bay biscuits via Food.com
~they paired nicely with our lemon/lime/cilantro chicken and veggies


rosemary parmesan popcorn

 we've been experimenting with popcorn flavors.....
this one was the best: rosemary and parmesan

just pick up some fresh rosemary in the produce section, 
snip leaves into small pieces....toss over hot popcorn
then sprinkle with grated parmesan




The CD of My Life

AVID students created a CD- on paper but in a real case...
It was such a fun lesson! 
Pick 12 songs that represent you, 
write two reasons why for each song, list artist/group name and running time:)



it's been so busy lately, 
but here are a few things I've actually taken pix of...

little coffee cups stuffed with Easter candy for 
my AVID TAs/tutors....

while looking for recipes I found this from a mommy and me class
I took with my oldest son...I took this pic and sent it to him...his reply,
"oh my gosh I remember this, I think I tried eating it, too!" hahahaha

It never fails, our kitty leaves a gift each night...
on this occasion it was Wolfie, and she stayed with him
until we arrived :) 

I'm SOOOO doing this (next year) for AVID- 
what a cute bulletin board idea for the classroom!

it melts my heart when my son sends me these pix,
he is quite the chef and now is growing a little herb garden 
to compliment his cooking...

picked up my sweet girl from the airport for spring break....

did you celebrate National Oatmeal Cookie Day?
we had a contest at work, although I said NO to raisins 
and went with chocolate chips and butterscotch...yum!

repainting led to moving a bunch of pictures around...
I kinda like this up the stairs....

I'm one to celebrate each holiday just a little...
to make it special for the kids...
my question is this...WHO says NO to Irish Soda Bread? 
It is covered in sugar......how can children not like this?? 
have a happy day! 


queen bee market

the queen bee market is
coming April 10th and 11th!
click HERE for the blog and more info


st. patty's day decor

although St. Patty's day is not a huge decorating holiday, 
the Irish in me says put up a little green...

I love the dollar section at Target...this clover burlap pennant
was just three bucks.... the one below I made from scrapbook paper
and some torn fabric...

this cute HELLO Spring block is also from the dollar section...so darling :)

a search for a nice indoor pot lead me to this basket 
in the garden section, at- yes- Target... 
it's not just a hollow basket, but has a planter that sits inside...
you can lift it out and there's even a drainage hole
at the bottom (I placed another saucer below just for drainage for this guy)

nothing to do with St. Patty's day, but I've got to share this
yummmmmy new tea...Salted Caramel Mate...it's sooo good!
it was time for some fresh paint... we went with this light gray
called "Sidewalk"...quite a change from our tan/brown

I'll leave you with some dangerously cute wedges I ordered....
if you dare to take a peak you may need a pair 
from Anthropologie, too 

happy Friday!


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