is it fall yet?

one of my sweet friends dropped off this bale of straw 
for my front porch...(I just love her)...
mind you, it's still triple digits here in Cali! 

I thought for a quick second, "is it too early?" 

nah... shoot, they are selling pumpkins already at 
the supermarket....so why not, eh? 

on a side note we were looking for some 
used brick over the weekend 
(news on that project to come soon, it's gonna be cute!)
...at the materials design center they had these pallets
dripping with succulents...omg I love this idea...

this is what we were doing, standing there staring at brick...
it seemed so easy to run down there and just "pick something" 
yikes, I think we will love our choice....but not so easy to pick! 
are you ready for fall? 
is anyone else decorating yet? just a little? 



cute cuff

one of my favorite bloggers, Carol, 
sent me this darling pin a while back...

I wanted to get more use out of it so I adhered 

so adorable! 

I've been wearing it with jeans on the weekends 
basic black for work....

ya can't have too many cuffs, right? 



classroom chalkboards

I found a cute chalkboard easel at Hobby Lobby
which I quickly took apart and made into TWO 
cute pieces for the classroom... 
cute, eh? 

originally this cutie pie was going to school with me...
(wouldn't it be cute for back-to-school nights and the like?) 
however, once I got it home, I decided I needed to 
keep it in our house :) 

I hope the chalkboard craze never ends....


brownie bites

I made these delicious brownie bites for one of my besties.....

so simple! just bake brownies according to the package directions....
allow them to cool then scoop out a few tablespoons full
and add a filled Hershey's Kiss (I used caramel filled)...

wrap the brownie around the chocolate kiss
and form a ball shape...

melt some candy kwik or melting chocolates and 
drizzle over the brownie bites...

place in the fridge for 30 minutes or so and 
serve or gift them....

I used a cute bakery box from Michael's...
can you see the insides of the one cut in 
half next to the box? It didn't last long...
(the non-gifted brownie bites went quickly) 

happy baking :) 


it works...

we've been trying out succulents lately...
and they are super cool additions to the garden, but can get pricey...

I'd posted HERE about some clippings and now I'm 
trying to propagate from leaves...

here they are freshly plucked...

and just two weeks later
Whallaaa, little baby buds growing out of the leaves....
omg love it! 

now, you've got to be a patient gardener to wait for the 
propagation to run it's course...I think I can wait...
I'd love to fill up this space with TONS of baby succulents
so it looks like succulent carpet...
happy gardening! 


easy cuff diy

I found the cutest diy cuff supplies at Michael's...

you can find the cuff and findings for under 4 bucks each...

all you'll need is the cuff, findings, and some E6000 or Hasulith glue 

I attached some mixed metal rosettes to this cuff... cute! 

happy jewelry making :) 


genius bar for the classroom

summer is the perfect time to get the Cricut out 
and make some new posters...

with our school going 1:1 with technology, 
I thought it would be a great idea to set up a Genius Bar
in the classroom...
I may also call it the Collaboration Station
where students can get together with their laptops and
collaborate.  I also purchased some large laminated
whiteboard poster boards to line the Genius Bar
area with...how cool will it be for the kids 
to jot down notes as they work? 

I pinned this classroom HERE 
"How About Adding a Genius Bar to Your Classroom?" Engage Their Minds, 8/08/13

I realize we don't all have the furniture and resources to 
set up this type of collaborative learning environment. 
However, with some creativity and thrift store/garage sale finds,
it's possible to add a few pieces of furniture to make this happen. 
I plan to give up my favorite rectangular table that houses 
In-Boxes for all of my classes, forms, worksheets, etc.... 

let's see how this goes :) 



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