"The Cay" by Theodore Taylor

The Cay by Theodore Taylor is among my favorite books to read in middle school.
I usually teach this novel with 6th grade curriculum. However, it is appropriate from grades 4-8. 
In the upper grades it is incredible to draw upon the theme of friendship and tolerance in more depth. 

Click here for a great site full of online and printable test questions as well as other links for this novel. 

I will be supplementing my ELD curriculum with novels this year in 8th grade.
We are going to start this novel next week so I'll keep you posted on projects as we progress:) 

Oh, by the way, I have many students in 8th grade whom were in my 6th grade classes a few years ago. This novel has made an impact because these students can still recall details and events from this book, and may profess it was their favorite read in 6th grade. I recommend the auidiobook from Audible.com so students can experience Timothy's rich calypso accent (the narrator is FABULOUS!).  Also, I took a poll to make sure I would not be causing boredom for those students who have previously read this novel. Their response was overwhelmingly YES they WOULD like to read it again:) 

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