Currency: Kindness

Our amazing school counselor has started 
a kindness project at school. I just have to share this 
idea with you! Our middle school site now has a little 
boutique called The RAK (Random Acts of Kindness).

Staff and students can donate items for "sale" at The RAK. 
The only payment accepted is a random act of kindness 
given by the customer to someone out in the big, wide world. 

My students asked me to begin with, "What kind of thing do 
you have to do?" I told them there's a multitude of things that
fall under the category of random acts of kindness, simply 
opening a door for someone is a great start! Then they asked
me, "Well, how would you really KNOW if I did something 
nice or not? I could just take something from The RAK 
and never do anything nice and no one would every find out."

This was a great conversation with these incredible young people. 
Our dialogue continued and I believe they finally absorbed
the idea. I love this idea. Our counselor is so wise.  

SOOOO, I was pondering a way to involve the students
even more so. I had an idea to have my teacher's assistants
create craft projects that could be "sold" at The RAK. There 
is a shortage of items for the male students so I asked the
TAs to brainstorm. They came up with some incredible ideas! 

Duct tape wallets for the guys...

bunches and bunches of ideas! 


They also want to make items for the gals...
lots of duct tape projects on our list. 

I'll be purchasing some goodies on Etsy for 
bracelets and hair flowers. 

To give the teacher's assistant students a 
little more ownership over their wares, I had 
each one design a logo and "shop" name
for their products. I am going to print their 
shop tags for each item they make so it 
can be displayed in The RAK. 

A few names so far..
Bella Vita 15
Z love 

So cute these kids! They asked about "buying" 
their own goods and I just said they'd have to
use the same currency as the others, kindness.

What do you think of this idea? Leave a comment...
try it at your school site! 

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emk said...

SOOOO CUTE!!! Love your blog (sooo pretty) and love your posts!



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