Simple Gift Tags

Create some sweet little gift tags in no time at all! 

You will need manilla shipping tags (a package of 100 
will last you forever!), some scrap fabric, buttons,
a decorative punch, and a smidgen of hot glue. 

Cut or rip about 2" by 8" of fabric in a single strip. 

Grasp one end in your hand and begin gathering the fabric
towards the center of a circle...

continue gathering fabric as you work your way 
around making a flower...

Hold the fabric flower with your thumb and forefinger
as you prepare to hot glue it onto the shipping tag...

Carefully add a dab of hot glue and press 
the fabric flower down so all gathered edges grab a 
bit of glue. 

Glue on a button or embellishment to snaz up the 
fabric flower. Then take your paper punch and 
decorate the edge of the tag...

Cute! I make a bunch at a time so I have plenty 
for gifts each season:) 

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