Haunted House

While studying figurative language around this time of year
I like to have the students write descriptive sentences to 
describe a haunted house or something spooky. 

Simply make a template and have students trace the 
house pattern on black construction paper. Cut out doors
and window and fold to open. Back the house cut out with
bright yellow paper. Behind each window and door students
write a figurative language sentence or phrase to describe 
the scene. I love some of the choices..."the wind whispered
through the halls of the house," and "the old floorboards 
shrieked as I stepped on them." 

When all students have finished decorate the outside 
with chalk or white crayons. We lined up these houses on
bunched up and crumpled up brown paper bags to create 
a "street" and the students named the streets with 
eerie names. This idea can be altered to fit parts of speech, 
vocabulary, etc... have fun!


Katie said...

i LOVED this lesson! used it with my 4th graders.

Melodee said...

oh good! glad you liked it:) I think it's great for elem and middle school kids:)


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