Iron-on Transfer Fun!

I made this bag a while ago and was looking for 
something to snaz it up a bit. 

This summer I redecorated the girls' room in vintage
Parisan style and found some adorable graphics 

This cute Vintage Birds digital download is a 
steal at $1.00! You will love the amazing
selection of vintage downloads Graphique has to offer. 

To begin, you will need to purchase Avery Light Fabric Transfer Paper
Graphique's digital download directions suggest you use this brand. 

Purchase and download a print you love, then before you print
the image make sure you flip the image before printing
anything with text (otherwise it irons on reversed, I learned 
this the hard way, then READ the directions, haha!). 

Choose a fabric to adhere the iron on image to, something 
along the lines of cotton, muslin, or burlap works well.

Cut out a section of fabric to iron on the transfer to. 

If you decide to use burlap pull the outermost strings
to give the fabric a rustic look. 

Trim any excess transfer paper that will not affect 
the adhesion of your print, you don't want too 
much transfer paper showing unless it's part of
the downloaded image. 

Do not use an ironing board or steam when you iron 
on the transfer. Follow the directions on the transfer
 instructions carefully. For a full page iron for a total of 
three minutes, and press firmly and evenly over all 
parts of the image.

Peel off the backing of the transfer paper, and
whalla, you've got your image transferred onto the fabric! 

Trim down your fabric if need be and stitch it 
onto a pillow covering, tea towel, dish towel, or bag. 

CUTE! I'm packed and ready for school in the morning!!

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