Welcome Fall!!

Fall decorating is my second favorite holiday
to decorate for..Christmas being the first. 
I went to a friend's who has already 
started to celebrate fall...shoot, I got the bug...

A super creative coworker always
inspires me...at work we have a daily
question or response on a big white board...
and for last few years I have been doing this at home
for the kids...
...they love to answer the questions, as above "what's
your favorite fall beverage?" As you know, the days
of a slurpee are long gone, my kids know the
Starbucks menu like the back of their hand.
Oh, and, YES, they all have seasonal favs!

I had some new battery operated tea light candles
(grabbed them at Michaels but they are 
a little cheaper on Amazon)
that I wanted to do something with...
So I plopped some candy corn in a mason jar (hopefully I don't
get desperate and take those out to eat...the candy
corn is something I can't resist!!) and placed a tea light in the center...
Oh, and a few of these on the mantel are lookin' good
in little glass votive holders...

This is easy and cheap...
Sting a party banner across a mirror or mantel, this one came
from Target last year for a few bucks...you could also
make one on the Cricut (I do this for our children's birthdays
all over the house, so cute and personal).

Wrap fall garland around anything that stands still...
this cute chandelier was the first victim.

oh BTW I grabbed this cute chandelier for a
steal at Lowes last week for $14.99
(all of their outdoor patio stuff is on clearance).
I had the hubs hang it like a pot rack over the
island and I love love love it!

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sltrimble said...

Seriously Mel, you are so creative and your home is beautiful!!!! Miss you!!!


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