InstaFriday 10/28

Happy Friday...some fun Instagram pics from the iPhone:)
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This cute little paper craft comes to you from my son's classroom.

You will need one sheet of black construction paper, one sheet of
orange construction paper, scissors, and glue.

These are his directions for the positive and negative pumpkin:
1. Cut the orange piece of paper in half and just use half.
2. On one half of the orange paper draw half
of a pumpkin and a face.
3. Cut out the half of the pumpkin face and
one eye, half of the nose, and just half of the mouth.
4. Take the left over paper from the part you
cut the face off from and glue it on the left side
of the black paper.
5. Glue the half of the pumpkin face opposite and
flipped around, then glue the piece of eye
on the left side, and the nose right next to the part
you cut out, and the mouth next to the part you cut out.
6. If you want draw braces on the teeth. (these are all his words, I love that he could teach me by telling me these directions, so cute!)

My gal's white Tom's turned into Tinkerbell slippers for a dress up event she
attended with Peter Pan (and ready for trick-or-treating soon)...

love this standing cat holding the chalkboard paint bag in my hallway...

awe, love this pic of my son (to the right)...I just took him in for a
yearly checkup, the whole time looking at the baby scale
and wondering when this teenager of mine grew up so fast?

My little one pumpkin carving...

He did a great job, keeping it inside with two battery operated tea lights for now...

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