Make up Organization Idea

My friend Jill shared this great organization tip
she recently saw floating around on Pinterest...

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source: Repinned from Organizing spaces at home by Inge Falappino
Originally pinned by Rachel Brown onto Make this.

Jill decided to glue to magnets to her make up and place everything on the back side of her bathroom medicine cabinet door. She lined the back of the door with contact paper first, and then attached all of her goodies. It looks so well organized now! 



She used the same contact paper I lined my classroom
windows with. She was looking for a way to make it a 
little more decorative, and whalla! Just trim the contact paper
to fit the inside of your medicine cabinet, take out any shelves
that might get in the way when you close the door with make
up attached, and instant organization! I think her hubby 
is happy to have a clean counter surface, haha:)

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