My mamma was working in her garden and happened upon
this scene yesterday...

The hummingbird is somewhat confused? Why are you in my 
food platter Mr. Mantis? 


You're not going to move? 

love this one...Mr. Mantis is getting looked at from the other side now...haha! 

I love my mamma's beautiful garden and these pics are amazing! Last week
Mr. Mantis was beheading bees, those pics are a little fuzzy from the iPhone 
but still so amazing! She has a pic of him holding the body in one feeler and
placing the head in his mouth with the other one!! 
Happy Wednesday:) 


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Great pictures!! I am following you a fellow polka dot. I see you are new, if you want to meet a lot of people and get followers my friend Debbiedoos blog has a newbie party every Monday for new bloggers, you will meet a lot of people and Debbie also has a tip and advise page. Your blog looks fabulous!


Melodee said...

thank you Carol! I so love your blog, it's completely up my alley! I really appreciate your support, as well:) I'm going over to your friend's blog right now....:)


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