Product Project

If you teach 8th grade language arts in California, you will be covering
Reading Informational Materials this year. 

2.0 Reading Comprehension (Focus on Informational Materials)

My team had a great idea for a project where the students create 
their own "product" as table groups.  Each group is responsible for 
the following documents/elements:

1. Contact
2. Advertisement
3. Business letter to Home Shopping Network
     and U.S. Patent Department
4. Warranty
5. Instructional Manual/Technical Directions
6. Infomercial
7. Trifold Presentation board containing above materials 

As I introduced this lesson I played a few product videos for my students.

Apple iPad has a wonderful (of course) video of their product displayed below...

As silly as it sounds, Shamwow puts on a great infomercial as well! 

As the students viewed these product videos, I asked them to take notes on the following questions:
1. What is the purpose of this product
2. What is the value to society? 

With both videos students were able to communicate the purpose and value...especially with the Apple video, undoubtedly!! 

I will add some pictures of the finished projects as the month goes on!! Check back and see how they turn out...good luck if you try this in your classroom:) 

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