Pumpkin Ice Cream? Yes Please!

Ok, seriously....
very seriously...you MUST TRY THIS ICE CREAM!
That is, if you love pumpkin pie as much as
we do at our house...
It's DeLiSh!!

Last night was pasta night, and after picking up
some fresh veggies for our sauce we spotted this in the end cap
...my daughter and I
couldn't pass this by! Try it, you'll be glad:)


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love pumpkin pie, I was just at the grocery store today and they were sampling pumpkin pie!! thanks for stopping by good luck on my giveaway!!


Melodee said...

so how about that ice cream ON top of pie!! haha! My daughter and I were just loving your blog, Carol!! She's hooked, too, on all of your cute vintage stuff:)

Sam said...

Pumpkin pie ice cream? I've just been introduced to the entire field of pumpkin, hadn't understood how awesome pumpkin is before! I wish I was able to get this!

Melodee said...

oh no Sam! I'm guessing you're not in the states? It's that time of year here, pumpkin is all over the stores:)

Tabitha said...

I had no idea they made this - I have to try it!
Following you back now :)
And I love the way you spell your name!


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