Cuptakes App

I'm lovin' some sweet apps from

Not only can you buy the app for .99
but you can order a matching case for your phone!

Click here for the app..

the only problem now is that I can't decide
which background to use???

these are a few I uploaded from my faves on my iPhone...

check out this app, you won't believe your eyes, the 
selection is delightful!! 


LeAnn ~ My Day In The Making said...

I don't have an iPhone but i do have an iPad. I'll check it out!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh Melodee, I am so behind the times...Welcome to the 90's I don't have an iphone. If I did, I would pick the blue and white one!! You have a great Thanksgiving!


Melodee said...

:) I just love the cute graphics for anything you can imagine! so fun!!

Anonymous said...

I love cuptakes. I am having a hard time updating the most recent update. any suggestions?


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