Cute Thanksgiving Invites

Ok, I've told you that I loooove Sissy Print
and my love is growing!

After trying to type up a creative Thanksgiving invite,
I saw this post...

It was decided, this would be our Turkey Day invite this year!
Love it!
click here for the tan or white version and print away:)

I simply printed the tan version on some harvest colored printer paper, 
cut them out on the paper cutter, then cut out some cute scrapbook paper
I had in my bins with about 1/4 inch extra border...

Then with some scrapbook glue I adhered the copy to the scrapbook paper, 
and now my invites are ready to write on...

I'd rather hand-write these invites since each guest will be bringing a 
different type of dish...enjoy! 


Kelly said...

Cool invites! Thanks for the link. :)

andrea said...

Invites for holidays like these add such a nice touch. I like the addition of blues into your fall color scheme! andrea@townandprairie


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