Instafriday 11/18

Happy InstaFriday! Just a few more
days to plan for the big TURKEY DAY!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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My little one had a fun day fishing with his grandparents...

This is from a few weeks ago at a tailgate party, but I just learned how to
instagram pics already in my photo library! I feel so with it! haha!

Does this mean I am old, the fact that I am so happy to have a new
Crock-Pot? My ancient one took a turn for the worse recently,
and my hubs picked this up for me..yeah hey!! (it comes with a baby,
mini crock pot!)

This lovely bit of chalk-art reminds me of Monet colors! The little ones at
our "craft bonanza day" had a blast coloring up the chalkboard wall...

ok, these are from a year ago when I visited my dear friend and my sweet
godson...I had to put them up, though, since I now know how to
make any pic in my library an instagram pic...yes, I know I am behind
with the technology! haha!

oh sweet baby!!!

a cute craft we picked up from Barnes and Noble last night...

a sea of pink frosting for my friend's birthday...

oh yeah! is that too fuzzy? that's 12:05 a.m. for the midnight premier! yes,
I still have to go to work the next day...with lots of coffee! 


Jodi said...

I was over the moon when i got my crockpot last year too :) its a good thing :)

Melodee said...

thank heavens for crock pots!

Janel@hatingmartha said...

Great pics! Had to stop by and check out your blog...great design! so fun! Thanks for following Hating Martha!

LeAnn ~ My Day In The Making said...

Cracked me up about the crock pot! I bought a new one a few years ago because it was cheerful looking and mine, which worked fine, looked like an old ladies and did not make me smile like this other one.


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