Lego or Small Toy Clean Up Tip

Legos and little bitty toys have been a
part of my home for years.
With 6 kids, I am always organizing, cleaning,
and looking for easy methods to keep the house
in order. After years of "shoveling" up little
stuff, it dawned upon me that the
Santa Sack Method was what I needed!

Start with a bin, a twin size sheet, and all of your little one's 
tiny toys...spread out the sheet and pile on the toys...gather 
up the corners and store the bag o' toys in the bin when time to clean up. 

Here is the bag just out of the bin, ready for play time...

The rule at our house is that the opened up sack of legos 
must stay on the sheet, you can take your creations away after 
building is done, though.  This way all of the little stuff 
stays contained...

Happy building and easy clean up when done! Just grab each 
corner and put your sack in the bin...whallah! 

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