Party foods...

I'm gearing up for the holidays and looking for 
great recipes to add to my menu...

Southern Living look amazing! 
Mushroom Puffs

Oh, and their Blue Cheese Bacon
dip, as well!! 
Christmas Recipes: Blue Cheese-Bacon Dip Recipes

Forget the grape jelly, how about
some Cranberry Meatballs from SL?
Cranberry Meatballs

My pin-boards are overflowing with
great ideas, can't wait to try these 
from Pinterest

Love this arrangement from 
Eddie Ross! I think the kids 
would be excited about veggies
after seeing this:) 
Cabbage dip bowl veggie tray

oooh, Pesto Bread!!
You might need to click on Google 
Translate (I did) as this delish recipe is 
linked to a Turkish blog, fun! 
Pesto bread.

Although my sweet family is bringing
the desserts this year, I might try to set 
out a few little treats for the kiddos...

so easy! Just melt Hershey’s kisses onto tiny twist pretzels (275 degrees, 3 minutes), remove, and immediately press a single m&m; on each. Refrigerate until eating to make sure they are deliciously solid!

How darling are these Pumpkin Bites?
Pumpkin pie bites.  oh yum!! from flowerpatchfarmgirl's blog

Happy menu planning! Hope some of these 
recipes inspire you!! I know I am going to 
try and mix it up a bit this year, sway from 
the usual chips and dip routine:) 

photo source for each image via link

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