Tin (faux) Letters

How darling are these JOY "tin" letters hanging from the twigs? 

All you need is some glue, a paint brush, aluminum foil,
and some paper mache letters...

These letters are widely available at craft stores or online...
Craft Pedlars Paper Mache 8" Letter A Kraft Large Image
These 8" letters from Create for Less are less than $2.50 each! 

So, I can't take credit for this lovely little project, my mom made 
the JOY letters and the picture is from her adorable-cute.as.can.be home...
Here's what you do:
tear up pieces of foil, paint glue over the entire surface of the letter 
(a little at a time as you go), adhere the foil to the glued areas, allow to dry,
whalla you have some cute little faux "tin" letters!


Marilyn said...

These are Super cute and SO festive.. LOVE them.. ; ))

Colleen said...

Great idea to cover with foil! Love that!


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