As this crazy busy week comes to an end I am just sitting here thinking of how grateful I am 
for so many things in my life.  This silly little picture just sums it all up...most likely snapped 
by a creative little soul in my home, most certainly during a staging event for a home movie, 
most definitely set to a quirky script, and just a little something that makes me happy as a clam. 
I hope you have a blessed day and wonderful weekend as we move into fall!!! 

Declaration of Independence Video Clip

8th Grade American history
Declaration of Independence YouTube Video for the classroom...

This five minute clip is awesome to show your students
as they learn about the road to independence. 


Simple Gift Tags

Create some sweet little gift tags in no time at all! 

You will need manilla shipping tags (a package of 100 
will last you forever!), some scrap fabric, buttons,
a decorative punch, and a smidgen of hot glue. 

Cut or rip about 2" by 8" of fabric in a single strip. 

Grasp one end in your hand and begin gathering the fabric
towards the center of a circle...

continue gathering fabric as you work your way 
around making a flower...

Hold the fabric flower with your thumb and forefinger
as you prepare to hot glue it onto the shipping tag...

Carefully add a dab of hot glue and press 
the fabric flower down so all gathered edges grab a 
bit of glue. 

Glue on a button or embellishment to snaz up the 
fabric flower. Then take your paper punch and 
decorate the edge of the tag...

Cute! I make a bunch at a time so I have plenty 
for gifts each season:) 

<a href="http://tipjunkie.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.tipjunkie.com/images/TipMeTuesdayButton1.png" alt="Tip Junkie handmade projects" border="0"/></a>


Out of Print Clothing

Purchase a shirt from Out of Print Clothing 
and for every shirt sold the company will 
donate a book to a community in need
(partnered with Books for Africa
The Great Gatsby t-shirt by Out of Print Clothing


Shabby Apple - Academia

Fall is in the air 
and Shabby Apple has
some GORgeous new goods 
in their Academia vintage inspired line...

Teacher's Pet Skirt

Ivy League


Save 10% when you sign up for email!! 

Haunted House

While studying figurative language around this time of year
I like to have the students write descriptive sentences to 
describe a haunted house or something spooky. 

Simply make a template and have students trace the 
house pattern on black construction paper. Cut out doors
and window and fold to open. Back the house cut out with
bright yellow paper. Behind each window and door students
write a figurative language sentence or phrase to describe 
the scene. I love some of the choices..."the wind whispered
through the halls of the house," and "the old floorboards 
shrieked as I stepped on them." 

When all students have finished decorate the outside 
with chalk or white crayons. We lined up these houses on
bunched up and crumpled up brown paper bags to create 
a "street" and the students named the streets with 
eerie names. This idea can be altered to fit parts of speech, 
vocabulary, etc... have fun!


Plume Pretty on Etsy

Adorable Plume Pretty on Etsy is 
a shop not to miss! 
Never mind that the owner happens 
to be my longtime childhood BFF,
I'd love her if I stumbled upon her on Etsy!
Custom Mixed Media Paper Mache Art Doll
Shabby Chic Blue White Cameo Dangle Earrings
Blue Shabby Chic Romantic Flower Necklace on Chain

Check out her site on Etsy at http://www.etsy.com/shop/PlumePretty

Iron-on Transfer Fun!

I made this bag a while ago and was looking for 
something to snaz it up a bit. 

This summer I redecorated the girls' room in vintage
Parisan style and found some adorable graphics 

This cute Vintage Birds digital download is a 
steal at $1.00! You will love the amazing
selection of vintage downloads Graphique has to offer. 

To begin, you will need to purchase Avery Light Fabric Transfer Paper
Graphique's digital download directions suggest you use this brand. 

Purchase and download a print you love, then before you print
the image make sure you flip the image before printing
anything with text (otherwise it irons on reversed, I learned 
this the hard way, then READ the directions, haha!). 

Choose a fabric to adhere the iron on image to, something 
along the lines of cotton, muslin, or burlap works well.

Cut out a section of fabric to iron on the transfer to. 

If you decide to use burlap pull the outermost strings
to give the fabric a rustic look. 

Trim any excess transfer paper that will not affect 
the adhesion of your print, you don't want too 
much transfer paper showing unless it's part of
the downloaded image. 

Do not use an ironing board or steam when you iron 
on the transfer. Follow the directions on the transfer
 instructions carefully. For a full page iron for a total of 
three minutes, and press firmly and evenly over all 
parts of the image.

Peel off the backing of the transfer paper, and
whalla, you've got your image transferred onto the fabric! 

Trim down your fabric if need be and stitch it 
onto a pillow covering, tea towel, dish towel, or bag. 

CUTE! I'm packed and ready for school in the morning!!

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FOLK Magazine

Folk Magazine has caught my eye!
I love a delightful publication 
and this is surely a lovely one:)
 Folk Magazine, love it:) @ http://folkmag.tumblr.com/
on my Pinterest

Favorite Hair Tutorial

30 hairstyles in 30 days @ www.myyellowsandbox.blogspot.com

Ok gals, how about some to-die-for hair styles? Every time
I consider a chin length bob again (which is a couple 
times a week), I revert to My Yellow Sandbox's
tutorials and settle on keeping the hair "as-is." 



I love this picture from last night's game! 
The sky was amazingly beautiful, 
the girls were setting up their boxes
getting ready to cheer,
the color guard and band were lining up,
the team was amped and ready to go...
Oh yeah, we WON the homecoming game!


I love Wordle for creating cute word clusters.
Last week I gave my ELD students a 
Wordle page with all of their spelling words.
It is a cute way to introduce spelling and/or vocab
to your students. I love it for home, as well. Try 
typing in all of your family member's names, click randomize 
until you have a design you like, and print the image. 
Super. Cute. 

Cupcake Wrappers

You've got to check out this darling site...

Keren has a ba-zillion adorable vintag-y
projects.... these DIY cupcake wrappers
are too cute. Seriously, I just bought some
look-a-likes for a friend's birthday cupcakes
a few weeks ago...

these are from http://www.paperorchidstationery.com/
Stop, don't purchase them...

Go immediately to Keren's page at FreePrettyThingsForYou and see how
you can make these for pennies from her pattern and doilies:)


"The Cay" by Theodore Taylor

The Cay by Theodore Taylor is among my favorite books to read in middle school.
I usually teach this novel with 6th grade curriculum. However, it is appropriate from grades 4-8. 
In the upper grades it is incredible to draw upon the theme of friendship and tolerance in more depth. 

Click here for a great site full of online and printable test questions as well as other links for this novel. 

I will be supplementing my ELD curriculum with novels this year in 8th grade.
We are going to start this novel next week so I'll keep you posted on projects as we progress:) 

Oh, by the way, I have many students in 8th grade whom were in my 6th grade classes a few years ago. This novel has made an impact because these students can still recall details and events from this book, and may profess it was their favorite read in 6th grade. I recommend the auidiobook from Audible.com so students can experience Timothy's rich calypso accent (the narrator is FABULOUS!).  Also, I took a poll to make sure I would not be causing boredom for those students who have previously read this novel. Their response was overwhelmingly YES they WOULD like to read it again:) 


Shabby Apple Love

Show Picture 5Show Picture 6Show Picture 1
Who LOVES this dress from Shabby Apple
Don't be surprised if you see me in this, I love it! 

The American Revolution in 4 breathtaking minutes!

If you teach 8th grade American history in California you might be close to studying the American Revolution in your pacing guide. This is a great video to share with your students. We know it is difficult to recall dates and names, however these pictures tell the story so well!

Pinterest Inspirational

I love love love Pinterest...
Profile Picture of Melodee

I love this...I have a copy posted on my classroom door, 
it's my hope that my students will read and 
absorb this information...
Source: heidiclaire.blogspot.com via Pinterest 

Have I told you how much I love (am addicted to) Pinterest!
It's like reading piles of great magazines in one sitting:) 


Fall Scentsy Fright Night Warmer

I love this cute, cute spooky Scensty warmer for the season! Pair it with Pumpkin Roll or Sentimental Cider for a great fall ensemble. 

Currency: Kindness

Our amazing school counselor has started 
a kindness project at school. I just have to share this 
idea with you! Our middle school site now has a little 
boutique called The RAK (Random Acts of Kindness).

Staff and students can donate items for "sale" at The RAK. 
The only payment accepted is a random act of kindness 
given by the customer to someone out in the big, wide world. 

My students asked me to begin with, "What kind of thing do 
you have to do?" I told them there's a multitude of things that
fall under the category of random acts of kindness, simply 
opening a door for someone is a great start! Then they asked
me, "Well, how would you really KNOW if I did something 
nice or not? I could just take something from The RAK 
and never do anything nice and no one would every find out."

This was a great conversation with these incredible young people. 
Our dialogue continued and I believe they finally absorbed
the idea. I love this idea. Our counselor is so wise.  

SOOOO, I was pondering a way to involve the students
even more so. I had an idea to have my teacher's assistants
create craft projects that could be "sold" at The RAK. There 
is a shortage of items for the male students so I asked the
TAs to brainstorm. They came up with some incredible ideas! 

Duct tape wallets for the guys...

bunches and bunches of ideas! 


They also want to make items for the gals...
lots of duct tape projects on our list. 

I'll be purchasing some goodies on Etsy for 
bracelets and hair flowers. 

To give the teacher's assistant students a 
little more ownership over their wares, I had 
each one design a logo and "shop" name
for their products. I am going to print their 
shop tags for each item they make so it 
can be displayed in The RAK. 

A few names so far..
Bella Vita 15
Z love 

So cute these kids! They asked about "buying" 
their own goods and I just said they'd have to
use the same currency as the others, kindness.

What do you think of this idea? Leave a comment...
try it at your school site! 


Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Have I told you that I love it when my kids cook? 
I love it for a few reasons: 
1. They are learning valuable life skills 
(every gal and guy should know their way around the kitchen!)
2. They feel such pride when serving their completed meal
3. They are giving their mamma a night off from cooking
(and I love visiting with them while THEY prepare a meal)

This has been a week of kid planned/prepared meals....

Tonight was Chicken Salad Sandwich night (on sourdough
or croissant, your choice).

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

8 cups cooked and chopped chicken breast
2 cups mayo
4 tbsp lemon juice
1 teaspoon pepper
2 cups blanched slivered almonds (chopped fine)
4 stalks celery (chopped fine)
3 apples (cored and chopped fine, peel on is yummy)
1 red onion (medium size, chopped fine)

In a saucepan over medium heat combine finely chopped red onions, almonds, and celery and stir for 2-3 minutes carefully watching almonds (they burn quickly).  Remove from heat. In a large bowl combine chopped chicken breast, chopped apples, and mayo and stir.  Add in red onions, almonds, and celery from saucepan and toss.  Finally, add lemon juice and pepper (you may add more to taste).  Chill in fridge for one hour and serve on croissants, sourdough, or any bread of your choice. 



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