Sweet Fire Chicken Recipe

Hello Monday and HELLO to my kids
cooking dinner for the fam...

Here's a great little menu calendar for my kids to 
plan their meals on from SissyPrints...

and a darling monogram recipe card so my little ones 
can start to catalog their favorite meals...

Here's what's cookin'...

My youngest son chose his meal to prepare last week of

Lately, my little ones have been cooking (which includes deciding
on the meal, making the shopping list, helping pick out the
groceries, preparing the meal, and taking all of the
compliments when dinner is devoured).

I wasn't too sure that we'd find a recipe to match his fave
at Panda Express...but lo and behold, you have to
love the internet, there it was right on YouTube.

The great thing about a cooking video is that the ingredients
are listed as you go, and it's a great tutorial for kids to
follow along with in the kitchen. Of course, I had
to man the wok with the splattering oil...but
my guy did a fantastic job preparing this meal!

A little help from my sis, but I have this under control...

I made this mom!! 

I told my students about this little kitchen adventure in our family,
with the kids planning/cooking meals...and last week one of my students
came to me and said, "I told my mom about the cooking thing
and now we are doing that at our house." 
I think it's wonderful! 


Fruit of the Spirit

it's a beautiful fall Sunday morning! 
love this cute page from Pinterest...
love this little song....

Fruit of the Spirit


Chalkboard paint bags

I'm linking up with the gals for the Followers Fest...
Thanks for stopping by! 

 I blogged about these Chalkboard Paint Bags a few weeks ago... 
click here for the full tutorial..so easy! 

Look how cute my friend's bags turned out...
She and her son painted these Chalkboard Paint Bags and filled them with little
treats for the teacher's assistants:) cute!

InstaFriday 10/28

Happy Friday...some fun Instagram pics from the iPhone:)
linking up with Life Rearranged 

This cute little paper craft comes to you from my son's classroom.

You will need one sheet of black construction paper, one sheet of
orange construction paper, scissors, and glue.

These are his directions for the positive and negative pumpkin:
1. Cut the orange piece of paper in half and just use half.
2. On one half of the orange paper draw half
of a pumpkin and a face.
3. Cut out the half of the pumpkin face and
one eye, half of the nose, and just half of the mouth.
4. Take the left over paper from the part you
cut the face off from and glue it on the left side
of the black paper.
5. Glue the half of the pumpkin face opposite and
flipped around, then glue the piece of eye
on the left side, and the nose right next to the part
you cut out, and the mouth next to the part you cut out.
6. If you want draw braces on the teeth. (these are all his words, I love that he could teach me by telling me these directions, so cute!)

My gal's white Tom's turned into Tinkerbell slippers for a dress up event she
attended with Peter Pan (and ready for trick-or-treating soon)...

love this standing cat holding the chalkboard paint bag in my hallway...

awe, love this pic of my son (to the right)...I just took him in for a
yearly checkup, the whole time looking at the baby scale
and wondering when this teenager of mine grew up so fast?

My little one pumpkin carving...

He did a great job, keeping it inside with two battery operated tea lights for now...


Pumpkin Ice Cream? Yes Please!

Ok, seriously....
very seriously...you MUST TRY THIS ICE CREAM!
That is, if you love pumpkin pie as much as
we do at our house...
It's DeLiSh!!

Last night was pasta night, and after picking up
some fresh veggies for our sauce we spotted this in the end cap
...my daughter and I
couldn't pass this by! Try it, you'll be glad:)



My mamma was working in her garden and happened upon
this scene yesterday...

The hummingbird is somewhat confused? Why are you in my 
food platter Mr. Mantis? 


You're not going to move? 

love this one...Mr. Mantis is getting looked at from the other side now...haha! 

I love my mamma's beautiful garden and these pics are amazing! Last week
Mr. Mantis was beheading bees, those pics are a little fuzzy from the iPhone 
but still so amazing! She has a pic of him holding the body in one feeler and
placing the head in his mouth with the other one!! 
Happy Wednesday:) 


Lampshade dress-up

I recently revamped my girls' room with pink walls, chenille bedspreads, black and white 
brocade curtains, and a few Parisian decorations..

I'd seen a gorgeous lamp covered in roses in Pottery Barn Kids, way too pricey for my redo...
photo source Pottery Barn

This lampshade (prior to the flowers) was a cutie but the beige from their old beach-y
 room wasn't going to work any longer.
So for a few bucks (about $5 for the organza)...here we go...

All you need to recreate this is a few yards of pink organza, scissors, and a good ol' hot glue gun...

Cut strips about 3.5" by 15" (cut one strip for each flower, I didn't know how many I 
needed until I started to cover the lamp, amounts will vary depending on lamp shade size)...

Gather one end of a strip and twist it between you thumb and forefinger...

Continue twisting and form a flower by starting with a tight circle, using a few dabs of 
hot glue to hold the flower together (be careful, the organza is light and airy and you don't want 
to get burned, just let the fabric grab onto the glue keep your fingers clear)...

twist, circle, and glue as you go...

You can't see the glue being added because I am taking the pics, but I have carefully 
added a few dabs and working the flower in a circular fashion...

almost done...

adding a tad more glue...

It'd be ideal to make all of the flowers first then start attaching (I made them as I went
along for this project)...using hot glue to attach the flowers to the lamp shade...

here's a nice bunch of them working around the base of the lampshade...

more of the bottom row...

finished product on the girlsies nightstand...

as you can see I only put a row along the top and bottom of the lampshade,
I rather liked how it turned out and decided against covering the entire lamp.
You might want to recreate the Pottery Barn look and cover the entire shade...
have fun! 

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Tip Junkie handmade projects

Beyond The Picket Fence

Fancy This


Easy Button and Fabric Rings

Linking up with Lisa Leonard
and Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday...
  Hello to a simple little project...
time to start thinking about secret sister gifts, little holiday
love gifts, teacher's assistants gifts, etc...
these little rings are also items for The RAK store
at my middle school:)

First you will need ring blanks...
30pcs antique silver brass base free nickel adjustable ring blank base with 15mm round flat pad
Adjustable ring blanks on Etsy are a great buy for making
these easy button and fabric rings...
You can also find these at Joann Fabrics (if you have a coupon
they'll be a steal!)

You will need: ring bases, fabric scraps, jewels and/or buttons to adorn rings,
and E6000 amazing wonderful glue...

cut about 1/2" into the fabric to create a strip, then rip the fabric for a vintage-y look...I used about 8 inches in length of this piece...

gather the end of fabric with your thumb and forefinger and twist the
fabric into a circular formation to form a "flower" 
(if the flower is too bulky just cut down the length of fabric you use)...

continue gathering flower and add a stitch with your sewing machine, or by hand with a needle and thread through the center of the flower...

Add a bit of the E6000 glue to the top of the ring base...then attach your finished fabric flower...
Press down the fabric flower and allow to dry for about 10 minutes

then add a jewel or button with
a little more E6000 glue...

look how cute these turned out! love them:)

okey dokey, now for some buttons...I found these at the fabric store for about $1 per
package of 4 for the button shaped flowers and the pearly buttons...

so simply take your ring base, add a little E6000 glue, adhere the first bottom
button and press firmly allowing to dry for about 10 minutes...

then add a tad bit more E6000 glue and attach another button for
added decoration...allow to dry completely (overnight),

awe so cute! (it's craft bonanza time at my house, can you see my
daughter's Tinkerbell skirt in the background? I'm having so much
fun sewing and crafting this weekend!!)

enjoy! These would be great gifts for secret sisters, teachers, gift exchanges for the holidays, etc...
just package them in a cute little box or mini gift bag:)


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