Giant Flowers

Fact. I love my Cricut.
I need really want this cartridge...
Check out what you can create...

Anyhooo...my best girls and I get together often for 
"craft days" and I just know we'd get lots of use out of this!! 
fun, eh?

p.s. I'm not a crazy scrapbook lady, I REALLY use the Cricut
for school...it's a great way to create banners for focus walls and such:)
that's how I convince myself I need it, hehe:)



Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

I love the cricut too! I actually have one...but no cartridges yet :( they r just so gosh darn expensive

Sara Shoemaker said...

OK your blog is adorable! I love your header :) this Cricut pack is freaking Adorable. I didn't know you could make 3d stuff like that out of paper!

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