Happiest Friday to you!!!
Hope you had a wonderful week:) 

here's our girl Stella....she sat still long enough for this pic...

Hip Hip Horray! My guy was named Student of the Month...whoohooo! 

awe, a nice cozy afternoon after school...I love this crisp weather,
kids finishing homework, dinner in the over, and a good book to read!

These are two of my littles when they were small:) 
so cute! this on my phone from my daughter's 15th bday
picture board I made with lots of cute oldies like this...

Stella had a play-date with Zoe...
seeing her with an older doggie makes us realize 
that she is still super hyper and just a baaabby still! 

happy weekend everyone!! hope it's a great one:) 

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Lidiya said...

Such a cute dog <3

Jamie said...

Did you just love The Hunger Games?? It would have been better if I had ready it curled up next to a lovely fire like that!

Holly said...

Aww Stella is adorable! Such a cutie! :)


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