Did you know?

Maybe I am waaaay behind the times?? 
I recently found out you can pull up the
right there while you're standing in line! 

lookie what I found!! these two cute towel holders/hooks 
both for 
under $8 with my in store coupon!! 

I am so glad Hobby Lobby has arrived in our town!! 



Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

LOL!! I slipped my phone to my sister on Saturday after I used the coupon. If the cashier noticed she didn't say anything.

The hook/knob aisle is my favorite! I love the ones you got!

I bought paints and canvases so my kids could make me some art I can hang up :)

Nicole Luther said...

Oh how I miss hobby lobby!!! We don't have any in San Diego. Waaaaaah!!!

<3 Nicole

Katie said...

We just got a Hobby Lobby here last year. I guess I'm behind the times too! So thanx for sharing. Love your two new purchases... XoXo


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