Hunger Games

Yes, I am one of those book nerds
who falls for a book and 
thinks the characters are real people!
hehe funny! but true!

haha, at least when talking to my students I am..
It's what makes reading come alive for them!! 

How about these cute Team Peeta Tees??

Team Peeta Tee

Mellark Bakery T-Shirt

so what's all the fuss about? what the Hunger Games trailer...

really, truly, I do love the trilogy...
however, whenever an author can captivate bunches 
of people (mainly youth) to read, I am thrilled! 

a coworker said "we are Barnes and Noble to these kids!...
it's how they learn to love literature!" nicely said!!

check out the book on Amazon...



Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

I love these books. Plumb crazy over them.

Now much to my dismay my Emma-who is 12-is not real big on reading. When I was her age I was devouring books.So it has broken my heart that she didn't follow suite.

BUT on Thursday after school she hijacked my Kindle and has read HG non stop! As of last night she is 33% through Catching Fire.

My heart is swooning that she is reading and that we are connecting over it :)

Ok,I had to get that out. Really,I'm that excited about it!!!

Veronica said...

Just finished reading the 1st book last night! Now, i will pass it on to Foster (: I'm excited to see the movie! We should try to catch the movie together!

Jennifer L. Griffin said...

Surely I'm the last person alive who hasn't read the Hunger Games, but I want to!

Sara Shoemaker said...

oh Hunger Games! I thought parts of her writing were terrible, but I completely loved the story! I literally could not will myself to stop reading them. So sad when they were over. I cannot WAIT for the movie! Already have my ticket! those shirts made me laugh too hahaha

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