hello Friday!!! 
hope you had a great week:) 

just finishing the second Hunger Games book...love it! 

St. Patty's day pennant...going to add some sparkle...

this is a pic from our Justin Bieber concert, had to instagram it
of me and my girl...

yes, our cat wears Build-a-Bear clothes...willingly...

the hubs picked up this free app at Starbucks,
yes, for all for of the kids (minus our oldest at 20)
yes, they all downloaded the app...silly!
(they are 10-to-16 years old)

cute little bracelet my mamma made "It's All Good" 

happiest weekend to you!!! 

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Kassi Mortensen said...

Aw the Hunger Games!! LOVED those books! What a funny little kitty!;)

Marilyn said...

Adorable photo's. LOVE your cat.. so cuute.. ;)))

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

Aw,you and your girl are twinsies like we are :)

We have actually put BAB clothes on our 2 youngest when they were newborns. True Story!

Holly said...

Hahahah your cat is adorable! Mine would hate it if I tried to put toy clothes on her! She would go nuts!


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