Hollis Woods

sweet...bird and verse
pinned on my inspiration board

this quote reminds me so much of a book I just finished with 
one of my reading groups. If you've never read Pictures of Hollis Woods 
by Patricia Reilly Giff, get yourself a copy! It's an amazing story! 

Pictures of Hollis Woods

In the novel Hollis Woods is a foster child who is currently living 
with artist Josie Cahill (and she battles with some early Alzheimer's).
The chapters alternate between present time and Hollis's past with 
the Regan family (the foster family who planned to adopt her 
until something happened to change things).
Sooo long story short the friend quote above reminds me 
of Josie and Hollis (and Beatrice)...

If you teach this book in your class
(or just read it at home), there is a Hallmark
movie that follows the book very closely...

The cutest thing with my reading groups at school is
that they are convinced that they are in a "book club"
not a reading intervention class! I am so happy that 
they are falling in love with some great novels this year:) 

happy Sunday! 


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Veronica said...

I reading this right now! Thanks for your suggestion!


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