happiest Friday to you!

a few pix from our week...
a little b-day banner from
old book pages (kinda blurry)...

purple lobelia bloomin'!

geraniums bloomin'
my fave!

a bucket-o-stuff I hope blooms and spills over soon...

suuupper blurry but this is
from the little's sleepover bday party,
I like to call this zombie night~
these boys didn't fall asleep until 5 am!

a ceramic "shoe" my son made in class...

my youngest son came home and saw this "shoe" and said
"WHAT he got new shoes?? NO fair?"
then he realized there was only one and it was ceramic, haha

have a great weekend!!!

linking up with Jeanette here...
life rearranged



Wendy said...

Cracking up over your son thinking the shoe was real (it looks real!) Love all of the pretty flowers! :)

pembrokeshire lass said...

Hi, I've just followed you over from Wendy's. lovely name for your blog. It conjurs up all sorts of pictures/memories! Loved the ceramic shoes too...how good is your kid!! Look forward to finding out more about the things you like to write about! Joan

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

That shoe does look pretty real... ;) Happy Mother's day!!!

No(dot dot)el said...

That shoe is awesome. Found you through the link up. Happy Mothers Day!

Megan Ann said...

That shoe is awesome, I remember making a ceramic butterfly jewelry box... it didn't look near this good. ha ha

xo, Megan

indie flower


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