Happy Friday! Hope you've had a great week!!

Yes, a student made us a paper-countdown chain...
summer, here we come! 
(don't ya love how it's smack dab in the middle of objectives?)

I love this idea from my son's open house
of the feet and hands with 
the body "above"...saving this idea for 
next year...

a sweet Mother's Day treat brought home for me
from my son's school, what a thoughtful teacher
to buy these little boxes and let the 
kids decorate their mammas each a cupcake..

I feel so loved, received these gorgeous flowers
from a sweet student for teacher appreciation last week...

and another bunch from another sweet student...

awe, love these guys...
this is from my youngest's bday dinner at 
our favorite Italian place...

have a wonderful weekend!!! 

linking up with Jeanette.. 
life rearranged

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