what a week! 

is it weird that we 
whipped out our cameras to 
snap a picture of funnel cake??? 

we took an adventurous trip to Sea World...
(this was in the scary shark encounter exhibit)

how adorable is this mosaic octopus? 

my daughter laughed as I took pix of the gardens
of Sea World...love this little bird house! 

we were complete tourists, 
followed the map all around
the park...

had a beach day with my nephews and my little niece (below)
she is so darn cute!!! 

and another fun beach day with the girls
and our kiddos....

have a wonderful weekend!! 
life rearranged



book bag

we were shopping for some
summer reading goodies,
and look at this ah-dor-able bag
I found at Barnes and Noble...
if you're a member these bags 
are under a buck!! yippee~hurray!  
(I know, nerd alert)

really though,
visit B&N for their Summer Reading Programs...
click HERE to learn how
to earn a free book for your littles

happy reading!  




we had a super fun 
beach day yesterday, 
complete with s'mores...
so I had to share this cute idea
I pinned HERE
mini {s'mores}...make ahead of time under the broiler for bunches of the tasty treats!
how adorable are these? 
who needs a bon fire to make
these sweet treats? 
they'd be delish with mini Reeses, too!

here's the sunset we enjoyed...
happy Wednesday! 



beach towels

time to switch out coats for beach towels! 

do you have some hooks filled with 
fall/winter wear???

time to trade out for beach/pool gear...

why fold towels and put them in the linen closet 
when you can quickly hang them and 
have them ready to grab for the next trip? 




happy Friday!! 

what a life...

got some new bubbly lights for my chalkboard wall...

we've spent some time bedside...
lots of prayers~ God is so good!!! 

how about a little monster cake to 
make ya feel better? 

because...this is our motto~

patriot flowers in a teacup on a candle stand...

my new fave from Scentsy...

I'm so excited....my new Allora Handmade earrings arrived~
I was kicking myself for not buying them at the Queen Bee Market...

uh oh, I'm turning into a crazy cat lady...

linking up with Jeanette....
life rearranged 


beach ball

so how adorable is this
Instant Beach Ball kit?
click here to see it 
$8.00 @ 

if you read Real Simple
go to page 160 for the discount code
July 2012 issue 

image and more shopping via 



don't even knock

is this clear enough? 

we have a new No Soliciting sign..
don't  even ring or knock...
we don't want to by anything, sell anything,
give anything away, have anything given to us,
including: alarms, carpet cleaning, solar panels,
gardening, religious info..etc...etc..

a few weeks ago I opened the door to find a pest control guy...
apparently he didn't know what No Soliciting actually meant. 
I pointed out we had a sign, "No Soliciting" and he said in 
his best Keanu Reeves voice....."DEFINITELY!" 
ok, but you are still standing here soliciting.

Then he went on to say, "Welllll, your neighbors have bugs
and I am here about the bugs." Oh, ok, that is 
still considered soliciting, but maybe if I 
tell him we have a pest control service he'll get it?
So I relay this info to him and he says again
hummmm? with that he pivoted and walked away...
good luck buddy! 



Get Organized

It's time to pop on over to Much Ado About You
and get your new organizer! 
Image of {LUCY} Medium Day Planner    Image of {THELMA} Medium Day Planner
I pre-ordered Thelma (above)..
and I can't wait to receive it!! 

If you didn't pre-order you can't get first dibs,
but you can still visit the shop and get something
super duper cute!!! 

I am trying to decide on my teacher lesson planner now...
Image of {ALICE} Teacher/Student Planner    Image of {JENNA} Teacher/Student Planner

so if you're a little particular about your planners
~like moi~ 
go visit Much Ado About You 
(all images via)




happy Friday! 
we love SB so much it just comes 
down to pictures of cups, haha!

poor kitty, exiled to the backyard,
trying to get in the screen!

I took a pic on my phone of this
funny on Pinterest...
I couldn't stop laughing! 

the sweetest gift from my instructional aide,
"We were MINT to teach together"
(in a jar filled with Andes Mints) ADORABLE!

so proud of my girl,
got her license with a PERFECT score!!!

me and my girl...

happy Friday all! 
linking up with Jeanette...
life rearranged



how can I not share this? 

yes, this is me, I can't help it....I see words used 
incorrectly everywhere I go and get so frustrated! 
anyhoooo, I pinned this here...it made me smile,
hope you smiled a little, too:) 



how cute!

how cute.....it's what
dads love to hear, right? 
haha, that was my response to this great
gift idea! 
The Man Can Grooming Set #gifts

Real Simple had a bunch of great 
gift ideas for the guys....check them out HERE

image via 



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