Folk Tale Puppet Show

I've got to share this fun 
We finished studying folk tales...
and the students paired up and chose
their favorite from the anthology to present~
The rubric was as such:
identify the genre, describe main characters, give brief summary
and moral of story, rewrite the folk tale/fable/tall tale into a play script,
create puppets for the main characters, and present to the class. 

It was so fun watching the students perform these! I brought in 
our karaoke machine so their voices would carry, 
and a long tablecloth to create a screen.
This picture is from a pair's retelling of
hope your end of the year is wrapping up nicely!!!  



Wendy said...

This is adorable!!! Love the creativity involved! I bet the kids were great. :)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I bet your students adore you! What a cute assignment



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