what a week! 

is it weird that we 
whipped out our cameras to 
snap a picture of funnel cake??? 

we took an adventurous trip to Sea World...
(this was in the scary shark encounter exhibit)

how adorable is this mosaic octopus? 

my daughter laughed as I took pix of the gardens
of Sea World...love this little bird house! 

we were complete tourists, 
followed the map all around
the park...

had a beach day with my nephews and my little niece (below)
she is so darn cute!!! 

and another fun beach day with the girls
and our kiddos....

have a wonderful weekend!! 
life rearranged


1 comment:

Lissa said...

You are the 2nd or 3rd person I've seen post a pic of funnel cake in the last few days. I'm starting to get the hint..I need a little funnel cake in my life soon. :o)
Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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