AH-mazing pencil sharpener

all your teachers out there know
that  GOOD pencil sharpeners are 
an urban legend...kinda like a good stapler

it's just something you have to replace, and often...
well....allow me to introduce you to
this sharpener is AH-mazing/wonderful/the~best~ever!

I am so happy to have this baby for the upcoming school year...
we had a little photo shoot (it's so cute and vintage-y looking!)

notice it's not electric, those seem great but break and jam up...

there's a nice little compartment that pops out to empty...

notice it's clear and easy to see...no more "oops Mrs. Morgan
the pencil sharpener vomited all over the floor, 
no one knew it was full, uh oh!!!" 

your only worry will be the obsidian~sharp points that 
result from this incredible sharpener! protect your eyes children! 

click below to visit the shop and get yours today! 

there are some cool colors to choose from...and they are only
$24.99 each! 

SOLD OUT! Cool Blue
SOLD OUT! Groovy Green

they also accept purchase orders and you can buy in bulk...
even if you are not a teacher this sharpener is
great for your home office or kitchen

happy sharpening! 



MariGayle said...

I just bought one of those babies too! My daughter, who is 6, promptly sharpened about 100 pencils. They are all, point up, in two cups on the shelf.

They are so sharp! How do you plan on addressing those lovely kids who can't help but poke their friends?

JoKnows said...

I know just from my own two kids that most pencil sharpeners suck! This looks like a great choice even for my home.

Mindy said...

Well, I no longer teach school but I think we need one of these for our house!! Thanks for sharing!!


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