flag facts

did you know...
a flag expert is called a "vexillologist"

the U.S. Flag, adopted on June 14, 1777, 
is the fourth oldest national flag in the world.

the blue field on the U.S. Flag is called the "union"

on Memorial Day (the last Monday in May), 
to honor all who died in battle, the flag should be
displayed at half-staff until noon only, 
then raised to the top of the staff for the 
remainder of the day. 

since 1834, the U.S. Flag has flown continuously 
next to the grave of the Revolutionary War hero, 
the Marquis de Lafayette, near Paris, France. 

We just replaced our American flag, and
I loved reading the brochure that contained the 
above information and so much more! 
Love ya America

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1 comment:

Wendy said...

Very interesting! I didn't know any of this (I was not the brightest color in the box when it came to paying attention in school). :/

Actually, it would benefit all of us to know more about our flag. They are so beautiful and the ultimate symbol of our nation... Enjoy your new one!!!


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