yippee it's Friday!!
although during the summer every 
day feels like a Friday, we still luv Fridays...

soccer, soccer, soccer~ astro turf warms it up! 

my little niece was coveting my hair flower,
so I twisted her hair into a little bun 
and gave her this pink rose...she's so cute!

cousins (mr. go bananas is trying to be taller...haha) 

backyard fun...

mint and red with polkadots...

happy Friday everyone! 
life rearranged


Sara Shoemaker said...

TGIF! Well, TGI was Friday yesterday..hahaha. looks like some great times! I especially love your nails, nice work!

The House of Shoes

Wendy said...

Your family is so cute! :) And I'm loving your nails! I have issues when I try to paint mine... Seriously - I think a toddler could do a better job, lol. :)


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