the school year is under way...
and my students are awesome~~~
what's even better is that they are having FUN with foldables!

Dinah Zike is the foldable queen, really...

I am using this book a lot...click HERE to get it

and this is my next purchase, click HERE to get it 

Last year I was teaching 8th grade LA and most of our 
ISN (interactive student notebooking) was geared towards 
getting organized for high school...however, this year, we are
still getting organized but incorporating tons of foldables for each standard.

A student asked me, "Are we going to be doing this kind of fun stuff 
ALL year long or just for today??" 
this was on our first notebooking day...haha! so cute!
NO, we will have fun every day!! 
Really, though, this ISN idea works so well and adding in 
foldables and keeping very organized with a table of contents
and numbered pages is the best thing I've ever done for notes! 

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1 comment:

Kara said...

I live and breathe composition notebooks & foldables in my classes! BUTTTTT, I didn't konw there was a formative assessment one! I'm getting it today!! Thanks for posting it!



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