happy Friday!!

we made a special trip to LA...to eat~
I LOVE that you can buy a "shot" of frosting

we also hit Pink's...this is the Giada de Laurentis dog~

the girls and me in sweltering hot weather loving our hot dog experience~

love this pic from China Town...we got suckered into some new pets~

awe, Beverly Hills....so beautiful here~

yes, I was snapping pix of the cupcakes at Sprinkles~

and how cool is this? Sprinkles has a Cupcake ATM~
have a wonderful weekend! 

linking up over at LifeRearranged...
life rearranged


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Perfect - frosting is the best part anyway :-) Have a great weekend!

Angela King said...

it's like my prayers were finally answered when that cupcake atm was invented. too bad there isn't one near me. boo.

Katie said...

Love all of your photos, and I have never heard of a cupcake ATM :-) I think I might join this insta Friday group. Hope you had a fun summer. We start back to school tomorrow...XoXo

Stephanie said...

I'll take a frosting shot & one of those hot dogs, please!! :)


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