happy happy Friday! 

we are loving our new little dog park...

silliness at the dog park...

soooo~ all of the 6th grade staff sported these
mustaches for school picture day...
it was hilarious! The photographer who took 
the first of us was super leery of snapping the pic!
Of course it's not our official ID picture, silly girl, 
this is only for the yearbook! 

a sweet gift from my pal Lacey, it's solar powered and 
even moves in my new classroom with no outside real sunshine
(I am surrounded by hallways this year...haha)

my mamma had a birthday....
this means CAKE and serious CAKE with buttercream frosting...

had to pull over on the way to work one day,
the sunrise was sooo totally amazing~

the sunflowers in my little whiskey barrel (to the left) are about to bloom...yippee

the hubs and me on our way out for date night, 
dinner and a movie with my guy...

our new pets from Chinatown, 
can you see them so cute in there? 

happy Friday
happy weekend! 


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