happy happy Friday!!
I'm linking up with LifeRearranged...
pop over and see her new little one~ADORABLE
life rearranged

the hubs is almost done with his
amazing fire-pit...
it's just been so dang hot here,
the weekends have been too warm to finish the yard~

we recently had our book fair at work,
I'm so excited to start The Book Thief
by Markus Zusak...
and don't ya love my new chocolate calculator? 
couldn't resist...bill paying will be so fun now~ 

my boy on his birthday...he's so darling~
he wanted sushi and chocolate lava cake to celebrate~

photo hogs, we can't possibly all fit in here:) 

one lovely day my mom and dad popped by the school parking
lot and brought me a cold treat~
I was in heaven

my friend Anne just bought this from my last Scentsy party...
this cute guy is called Whoot, and she 
sent me this pic the night he moved in~ 

haha~ more drink pictures....we have a new Panera Bread
restaurant by our house...and it has a drive-through {love it}.
I was feeling so happy, I picked up a salad and this tea on 
my way to back-to-school night...

one final food pic~ my oldest son made chicken and dumpling soup 
for the fam...it was so delicious~ 

have a wonderful weekend! 


Pink Chai Raj said...

Love the chocolate calculator. We had them at the kids book fair at school last year and they were a hit! Super cute kiddies too:)

Pink Chai Style

Whitney @ The Sweetest Things said...

Your Panera has a drive thru??? That is amazing!! I would totally be there much more often if ours had a drive thru. Their cinnamon crunch bagel is amazing and I especially love their salads :) My instagram is always full of food too ha


Melodee said...

YES they have a drive through, it is SO like heaven on earth!! oooh, never have tried the cin-crunch bagel....on my list for next time:)


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