thanks for popping by...

here's what I did for back-to-school night...

Thanks for popping by Mrs. Morgan's class
I bought enough microwave popcorn packages for each student
whose family attended (and a few extras just in case)...
and typed up a little note with the "thanks for popping by"
along with my name, contact information, website information,
and the weekly homework schedule.

I have found that keeping my homework consistent throughout the year 
(the same homework schedule applies from week to week, only
the spelling words and reading selections change) makes for
happy parents and happy kids....there are no surprises~

I also had the students stack up their interactive student notebooks,
a little pamphlet I always give out, and their history Cuneiform 
clay projects....the desks looked so nice and hopefully 
the popcorn will help the parents remember the important info! 



Angela King said...

what a super cute idea! and i love classes that have the same homework schedule all week. makes things so much easier!

Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...

What a great idea and great use of a pun! I love cute word play. :)


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh that is so cleaver, I bet those parents love you!!!! Melodee, you are so right, about my business after the wedding, I tell you this wedding stuff is big business....Yes, I do have a few ideas!



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