did someone say pumpkin?

I just have a thing for pumpkin anything right now! 
if you have a Trader Joe's nearby...try this yogurt~ it's delish


when we were in San Francisco a few weeks ago,
they were sampling Pumpkin Spice Caramel Squares
in the Ghiradelli store...
Pumpkin Spice...

lucky for me, not one of the 
peeps in my family liked the idea of 
chocolate and pumpkin combined....
so I had a little stash going in my handbag! haha:) 
if you're wondering, these are divine

happy fall, and happy eating of all things pumpkin!



Katie said...

Hi... We have a Trader Joe's coming to our area very soon! The first one I was ever in was in San Francisco last summer. I Loved it!!! Enjoy all you pumpkin things... XoXo

Hector said...


Really nice to visit this blog so familiar that left me a great feeling of friendship. Brainer to visit soon because I like apples also revel.


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