happy friday! 
a few pix from the week...

a little Halloween decor...

the life of a cat...she was just hanging out like this for a while~

this is her when she noticed she was being photographed~ hehe~ 

fall to-do list 

Just Dance-dance studio in the garage...
this game is hilarious~ you can watch a video after 
{the video proves to be a really good laugh} 

sitting inside grading papers and it was cool and 
misty out....hello fall weather ~

Thanksgiving invites...even though our family knows
we host it every year, I still love to send out invitations~

the boys ripped open my Amazon package...
they said they were so excited they thought I 
secretly bought them Call of Duty Black Ops II
it was a devotional book for me:) 
the advertisement had them so giddy....for a minute

have a wonderful weekend! 

1 comment:

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

Well Miss Kitty is sure striking the pose!!! LOVE her...just too cute! : )

The police tape is hysterical and the invitations are fabulous!!!! thanks for sharing and hope your scones are yummy -- the jalapeno cheddar are my favorite too...YUM!!!! : )great with a bowl of vegetarian chilli extra hot! : ) hugs to all and a big hug to miss kitty! : )


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