two buck burrito

tomorrow's your chance for a two buck burrito
from Chipotle! 




happy friday! 
a few pix from the week...

a little Halloween decor...

the life of a cat...she was just hanging out like this for a while~

this is her when she noticed she was being photographed~ hehe~ 

fall to-do list 

Just Dance-dance studio in the garage...
this game is hilarious~ you can watch a video after 
{the video proves to be a really good laugh} 

sitting inside grading papers and it was cool and 
misty out....hello fall weather ~

Thanksgiving invites...even though our family knows
we host it every year, I still love to send out invitations~

the boys ripped open my Amazon package...
they said they were so excited they thought I 
secretly bought them Call of Duty Black Ops II
it was a devotional book for me:) 
the advertisement had them so giddy....for a minute

have a wonderful weekend! 


too funny

I really love Pinterest...
but what if it's true?????
funny stuff

pinned HERE 



squash salad

caramelized squash salad with 
pistachios and goat cheese
Caramelized Squash Salad with Pistachios and Goat Cheese
how yummy does this look? 
ok, so maybe not for the kiddos, but
work day lunches...yes please!

click HERE for recipe 

image via BHG



ca-yute stuff

have you seen the cuteness over at Spool No.72 ??
SPOOL No.72 Clothing Company

I'm swooning over THIS dress !!

and THIS sweater...

yikes, such cute stuff right now....
go take a look! 



gift tags

I use Puzzlemaker for spelling words at school
all the time...
but how cute is this for gift tags? 

click HERE to visit the free site...

choose "word search" 

you will be on THIS page 
and you can skip down to "enter your words"...
just enter the name of the recipient about 10 times
but add an extra letter to the end of each line 
(otherwise it will only print the person's name once)

print your page and circle the name
as many times as you like...

whalla, a cute little {free} gift tag idea...
I just printed this on copy paper but it'd 
be cute on cardstock or glued to a 
thicker backing:) 




happy Friday! 

this picture makes me smile....how cute? really!!
{don't worry I was in the passenger seat snapping pix} 

celebrating 4.16 GPA with my girl at Starbucks...

date night with the hubs at our favorite little pizza place...
this is pear, gorgonzola, caramelized onions, pine nuts, 
and prosciutto pizza.....ah-mazing:) 

a little fall decor around the house...

happy weekend! 
linking up with liferearranged...
life rearranged


cartoon strip sequencing of plot

we just read Why Monkeys Live in Tress 
an African Folk Tale retold by Julius Lester...

the students created a cartoon strip sequencing the main
ideas of the story....

I cut 8 1/2 X 11 sheets of paper in half long ways 
and students folded it in half long ways first, then in half two 
more times to create 8 boxes...
before they began the activity they had to brainstorm the 
8 most important events as the plot progresses...

some students tried for the bare minimum but 
I showed cartoon strips and explained how 
great their work will look when they saturate the 
page in color...they loved it! 



so sweet

about Mae and her husband's 
you will love it to,
Abi is home in the states...
I'm sure your heart will be warmed
after you read her post HERE 



tom turkey

yes, I have a little Scentsy addiction...

how cute is Tom Turkey?
he's on sale right now... 

Pumpkin is pretty cute, too.....

you can visit my site here...



figurative language

While studying figurative language around this time of year
I like to have the students write descriptive sentences to 
describe a haunted house or something spooky. 

Simply make a template and have students trace the 
house pattern on black construction paper. Cut out doors
and window and fold to open. Back the house cut-out with
bright yellow paper. Behind each window and door students
write a figurative language sentence or phrase to describe 
the scene. I love some of the choices..."the wind whispered
through the halls of the house," and "the old floorboards 
shrieked as I stepped on them." 

When all students have finished decorate the outside 
with chalk or white crayons. We lined up these houses on
bunched up and crumpled up brown paper bags to create 
a "street" and the students named the streets with 
eerie names. This idea can be altered to fit parts of speech, 
vocabulary, etc... have fun!




happy happy Friday! 
it finally feels a bit like fall here, yippeee!!! 

a visit with my sis and her sweet new baby boy...

apple picking up in apple country...and of course some pie:) 

awe, the hubby left me a starbucks one morning
super early right in my keurig spot...

picked up this cute little basket in apple country for
lesson plans, seating charts, etc...in the classroom

we have this amazing tradition at work, 
Bagel Wednesday...
it makes the day so sweet! 
so pumpkin bagels with chocolate cream cheese 
spread is pretty much the best thing ever

a little fall ball on a chilly night...

homemade cinnamon rolls and cream cheese frosting...
which are a great deal at three loaves for about four bucks!!! 

the hubs and I were both starving on this shopping trip, 
I HAD to pick up this Irish butter, ummmm it was amazing! 

had to pull over on my way to work one day...
how gorgeous is this sunrise? 

the kiddos on our apple picking day...
linking up with LifeRearranged...
life rearranged


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