happy Friday! 

date night with the hubby 
....we saved half~
I know.....decadent! 

went to see my godson and dear friends....

 at The Stanley Hotel with my sweet friends...

my darling little godson and me...he is the cutest!

can you spot the teacup chihuahua? 
she's so cute and feisty! 

I didn't make these but our sweet family brought them 
to Thanksgiving...we were all in awe of how adorable 
they turned out....too cute to eat! 

my eldest is quite the cook...
just one of his delish appetizers for Thanksgiving...

my hard working honey has hardly any free time...
yet, here and there he manages these amazing projects~
and he does a great job! this fire pit is amazing...
we left our mark...

last week was full of traveling, Thanksgiving fun, date nights,
and birthday wishes (I turned 21 yeah! haha JK!)...
when I came back to work this sweet cake was sitting on my desk...
love my friends...they are the best! 




I love when my hubby gets all Griswold on me with lights...
how cute is he with the festivities?
what's even better is that he is 
so meticulous with the staple gun and cords...
such a professional! 



it's silly but I really love paper...
all different types~

I have a little pile of doilies I've been using for grocery lists
and such....

just love the way they look by the phone...
a little thing but a tiny bit of cuteness to write on~



happy Friday! 

do you ever visit a city and 
see yourself living there? 

yikes, that's me and Seattle...
I'm in love (too bad the hubs and I can only visit here...) 

if I lived here, I'd shop at Pike's Place for all of 
my grocery needs...

and I'd hang out at the Space Needle...

walk down by the water, ride the ferris wheel...

read a paper or two or three
whilst out shopping 

stop for a cappuccino...

pop into City Target...

stop at La Panier for a dauphinois (or two)...

bring home some peppers from the market...

I'd weigh a ton if I could live in Seattle...
for now I can just dream about it...it's a neat place!
so thankful for the opportunity to visit with my guy...
we had fun, and we made sure to eat a lot during our stay :) 

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grilled cheese

we had the most amazing 
grilled cheese sandwiches last weekend...

you can order this spread from Skillet ...

grill some brie and american cheese
with this spread on some thick bread, 
and you'll be in grilled cheese heaven

bacon spread image via 


cool gift idea

is there a guitar player on your list to buy for? 
I'm thinking a few of my boys will like this...
the punch is about twenty-five bucks and you 
can use old credit cards, etc...FUN :) 




happiest Friday! 

had some fun at Legoland last weekend...
the aquarium was amazing! 

love these guys~

a little boat ride~

level 5 on the crazy throw-you-around ride ~ haha

me and the hubs, with all the kids in the shadows...

five of my six loves...




don't forget...
Brighten your own day.

it's a choice, bring it with ya every day :) 



vintage coloring pages

I adore these old school coloring pages 
I found on Pinterest HERE 

Vintage coloring book pages. Holly Hobbie.

....going to print some out for the 
little ones who attend Thanksgiving dinner 
at our house :) 
last year I made little baskets with coloring 
books and crayons, but how cute would 
a handful of these vintage pages be? 


Election Day lesson plans

Education World has a ton of 
free lesson plan ideas for today

is fantastic  

if you have upper grade classes and access to computers
or smart phones Edmodo has a "poll" you can use 
this takes a little setting up and kids logging on ahead of time 
but it's completely engaging and appears to look like Facebook~
a super fun way to get kids involved:) 


to-die-for cupcakes

I've been looking at these cupcakes on Pinterest lately,
and finally decided to make some...

these aren't yet frosted in this pic~
they are chocolate cupcakes 
 filled with cookie dough and Reese's peanut butter cups

you will need:
chocolate cake mix and all the ingredients to prepare (eggs, oil, etc...) 
cookie dough (we used pre-made break apart)
Reese's peanut butter cups
cupcake liners and a cupcake pan

preheat the oven according to cake mix directions, 
prepare the cake mix and set aside,
line the tin with cupcake liners, put about 2 teaspoons of 
cookie dough in each liner and then top with a peanut 
butter cup...carefully pour cake batter over the candy, 
making sure to let the batter settle and then refill to 3/4 way up...
bake for about 28-30 minutes, cool, and frost...

these were for a co-worker's birthday and I can't tell 
you how many compliments they received...the best
cupcakes yet this year at school:) 



so much to be thankful for this month 
and every month

love this amazing life

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happy Friday and happy November...

cute girls getting ready to go trick-or-treating...

a last minute bread idea~
sourdough bread with pesto and provolone~ delish! 

my new hat from Target....I love Target~

the greasers getting ready to go trick-or-treating...

crazy sock day at school for red ribbon week...

my mamma brought these over on Halloween 
so we could have some treats, too~

this cat.....she thinks she can sit at the head of the table! 

happy Friday! 

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