poetry slam

we are in the middle of our poetry unit in language arts
and the students have been memorizing 
poems from the lit text for our poetry slam...

it was such a simple thing, but with all 
of the lights off and some white lights strung up
and the overhead (with an opaque sheet added to decrease blindness)
the effect was quite nice...

here's the shadow view during a presentation...

*students were able to choose any poem with 20+ lines of verse
or 2-3 shorter poems (haiku or limerick)
*props and special outfits were encouraged, 
we had glitter scattered into the light, background music, etc...

*I typed up a peer evaluation form with the following categories:
stage presence, entertainment value of the poem, 
audibility, and sparkle

*Students evaluated one another in each of the four categories
to stay engaged as an audience and to take the pressure off
the performer

*we used snap-plause instead of applause to remain cool and hip 
during the slam...

it was super fun and I was so proud of all of my students!
we even had a visit from admin and some parents...


1 comment:

Jessica said...

I'm blog hopping after reading your comment on April Kennedy's Bachelor recap. I love the idea of a poetry slam and snap-plausing. I know I didn't feel cool enough to do something like that in school...I always got shaky and sweaty when performing. But the kids that had no fear? They would have rocked that assignment. Never mind how many decades ago that was......


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