planner auction

I'm super excited, Emmy is having an auction today... @ 1:00 p.m. PST
visit her blog~ MuchAdoAboutYou
if you miss out on the auction, the shop opens tomorrow, June first
shop from June first through the tenth :) 

~trust me, you will love her planners~

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how cute is this up-do found on Pinterest ? ? ?
this just feels like summer, nice and easy and quick...
pinned HERE 



mason jars at Target

the darling blue canning jars are on 
sale at Target this week $8.99 for six~ 

I'm loving them in my open shelves,
but I really can't wait to use them for our next backyard party...
 sale ends this Saturday...June 1st 


bike baskets....

summer is almost here.....
I am loving the cool stuff from this store...

I just ordered a huge chrome basket
(large enough to transport a small person in)

Avenir Front Chrome Basket

any-who, their prices are great and the shipping is lightning fast :)
go take a look...

this is next on my wish list....how cute, eh ? ? ?

Coconut Cup Holder Purple Nose

the hubs and I had a fun day cruising the boardwalk...



backyard parties

the weather's just right and summer is on its way...
time for some backyard BBQ party fun~

love this idea for silverware 
pinned it HERE 
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and how cute is this place card idea???????
pinned this HERE 
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happy Memorial Day :)  




happy Friday~

so, I decided to order the hubs his Father's Day gift early...
look, there's a cup holder and bottle opener on his bike ~

because....he was so sweet to order a beach cruiser for me 
from him and the kids for Mother's Day....I LOVE it :) 
{as cute as this basket is, I had to order a larger one...
 ONE trip to the grocery store forced me to...}

the back patio is coming together nicely so 
we decided to finally christen the fire pit...

a boat ride around Newport Bay...

the hubs and me...

my girl...

awe, and such a pretty day to be out on the water...

happy Memorial Day weekend:) 



birthday garland

I just love this little garland I found on Pinterest...
pinned it HERE 
and you can purchase it HERE on Etsy 
Ah-dor-able :) 



little ones...

all you mammas with little ones....
I'm telling you~ don't blink! ! ! 
the time just flies by....so fast...too fast...

this is our garage these days...a real band plays here almost daily~

my son is twice this size now (this is an old pic~ pre-Justin Bieber but he had the hair, eh?) 
these days he's practicing with the band...all gown up~ what's a mom to do? 
so cute (although I am not to say "cute" teenage boys don't like that word)


mod podge fun

it was time for a make-over of this little file box
from my classroom...

so I took some mod podge and some old 
book pages...

I just tore the pages into little squares,
and brushed on the mod podge as glue first, 
then reapplied a layer over the pages~

pretty cute? ? ? 

love the way this turned out...
although it's the end of the year I am planning 
ahead for our move to a new building (yipppeeee)...
can't wait to decorate a brand-new classroom next fall

have a great day! 



I found the most adorable bracelet today at our little Farmer's Market...

and met Laurie Barron, founder of 3BStreet

her site is chock-full of talented artists
selling all kinds of goodies...

Laurie creates these amazing headbands
fashioned with Swiss velvet for a no-slip design...
my son's girlfriend bought the pink/cheetah print and LOVES IT! 
image VIA 

you can BUY or inquire about SELLING 
hop on over to her marketplace and take a peek....




happiest Friday....
it's been an awesome week (including an awesome Mother's Day last weekend...)

the sweetest gift ever from the hubs and kiddos....
a beach cruiser to be delivered this week 
SO EXCITED~this is youth on wheels

ahhhh, a cup o' joe and the kindle while kiddos work on homework
~ a nice way to end a busy day at school....(writing tests this week, need I say more? ? ?)

an evening at the pool to break up the homework hour...

my littlest presented me with the most beautiful piece of 
fine jewelry, a super gorgeous necklace he purchased with his own dollars...
so sweet and special of my guy to do...

the hubs and I snuck away for a night downtown in San Diego's Gas Lamp District...
we had the most amazing room and of course I am taking pix of the Keurig...hahaha...

some lovely flowers from one of my sweet students for teacher appreciation day last week...

Mother's Day cards with the students the week prior...
let's just say bringing in the Cricut and supplies for 75 middle school 
kids to craft cards was more rigorous than teaching a common core lesson~ 
deep breath....

what our garage has transformed into lately....the official band practice room~
for a real band~ it's so impressive...my son and his band members are so talented... 

the soda shop in Old Town Temecula...
if there is a soda you want...they have it here~ 

welcome back Farmer's market....I love this time of year~ 
fresh flowers, organic fruits and veggies, and 
~ oh yeah~~ how about a to-die-for crepe from the amazing 
crepe people? ? ? 

happy weekend :) 


awesome hair stuff

do you ever happen upon some amazing 
hair products and just fall in love with it ? ? ?
yikes, that's what happened when I tried It's A 10

it's amazing, awesome, incredible! 

you can find it all over, drugstores~beauty supply~Tar-jay, etc...

image via 



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