this paint....

I'm loving this paint ~Valspar's Reflection Pool
Creative Ideas for Color by Valspar 8 oz Reflection Pool Interior Satin Paint Sample

it started here on my daughter's bulletin board...

then here on the calendar frame and the clipboard...

if you haven't downloaded this printable
you can find it HERE from JDC

oh, yeah, here on this frame...

then, lastly (for today), here on 
the candle~holder...

yikes, I love it.....

it's so summery and fun...time to rinse out the paintbrush :) 


summer printable

you can always count on Emily at Jones Design Co.
for some super cute stuff....
I pinned this HERE
but image is VIA JDC's site
go take a look and print it for your summer decor~



frame upcycle

this little frame just became a push-pin board...

I popped out the glass, painted the wood,
hot glued some cork to the cardboard backing,
then folded fabric over the cork and cardboard...

after I glued down the fabric I placed it back into frame and secured with 
a few small nails...

a few buttons glued onto push pins.....

and here ya go...a cute little upcycle...



cake candles

these sparkler-candles from Shop Party Time are adorable....
Cake Sparklers

Cake Sparklers

what a great way to add some sparkle
to your 4th...
image VIA and shop HERE 



a blog to check out...

I just adore this sweet blog....
Little Cottage on the Pond
by Tricia
go take a peek and get ready for 
some serious inspiration :) 


Del Mar Fair

if you are near the San Diego area

yes, we are huge SciFi dorks...we loved the Star Trek exhibit...
it's an extra five bucks but totally worth it...
here we are with the youngest commanding The Enterprise

the fair has a huge board game and video game exhibit as well...

huge dominos~ 

and super huge Operation~ 

of course, some deep fried cookie dough was in order~

and some zip-lining....good fun....


4th decor

last year we made some cute little pennants out of 
paint chip papers...

just cut into triangles and punch holes, then run a string through
for a cute pennant~

I found these felt-balls on sticks at the Queen Bee Market...

Big Lots has tons of inexpensive banners and flags right now...

I've had this little Uncle Sam forever...
way back when my sons' had a patriotic room
and this donned their little mirror~

Home of the Free....

since I don't have a ton of 4th decor I just
tie ribbons around anything standing still
and stick flags all around...it works, eh? 

it's a few weeks off, but I love to enjoy the 
red~white~and~blue as long as possible...


tea towel make-over

I saw these darling tea towels at a little country 
store the other day.... 
rather than pay twenty five bucks a pop I stitched up my own...

tea towels are about $2 a piece and you can add 
remnants you have on hand...
I used some eyelet lace and simply ripped some fabric strips...
I ran a big stitch through each strip and cinched it up
then re-stitched it over the lace...
and whalla, cute-ness :) 


Easy chicken dinner

Kraft has a delish new easy peasy cheese and breadcrumb mix.
...it's so good!


pillow love

I ran into Big Lots for some end-of-the-year-school-craft-supplies
and came out with THIS cute pillow...

check out the District 23 decor at Big Lots...
OMG such cute stuff :) 

happy Friday ! ! ! 


let's party

these little cupcake boxes are
retro oven -  cupcake box, party favor box, gift card holder, paper toy printable PDF kit - INSTANT download
visit Claudine's Etsy shop HERE

it's a pdf file~instant download....time for a party :) 

image VIA  



theme park project

it's time to turn in textbooks and enjoy the last few weeks with 
the students... we are working on a super duper fun project...

Design your own theme park! 

the hubs brings me old blueprint papers all the time so
in an effort to recycle...we make good use of this paper in the classroom~
(you can use large sheets of butcher paper or poster board) 

I can't figure out how to upload a PDF...so here are is the rubric:
Theme Park Project
            The city has approved zoning for a theme park! You have been commissioned to designand build a one-of-a-kind theme park. You will present your ideas to the city council on Friday, June 8th.

One aerial view of your parkincluding a key/legend
One pamphlet describing andadvertising your park
Sample entry tickets
Web page design for online ticketsales

Minimum park requirements:
5 high-speed thrill rides
5 medium-speed rides for all ages
5 children’s rides
5 game booths
8 restaurants
5 drink/snack stands
2 picnic areas with seating
8 bathrooms
4 gift main gift shops
4 booth type specialty shopsthroughout park
2 first aid areas
1 administrative office area
ticket booths at entrance area
parking toll booth
parking area including handicap parking areas



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