theme park project

it's time to turn in textbooks and enjoy the last few weeks with 
the students... we are working on a super duper fun project...

Design your own theme park! 

the hubs brings me old blueprint papers all the time so
in an effort to recycle...we make good use of this paper in the classroom~
(you can use large sheets of butcher paper or poster board) 

I can't figure out how to upload a PDF...so here are is the rubric:
Theme Park Project
            The city has approved zoning for a theme park! You have been commissioned to designand build a one-of-a-kind theme park. You will present your ideas to the city council on Friday, June 8th.

One aerial view of your parkincluding a key/legend
One pamphlet describing andadvertising your park
Sample entry tickets
Web page design for online ticketsales

Minimum park requirements:
5 high-speed thrill rides
5 medium-speed rides for all ages
5 children’s rides
5 game booths
8 restaurants
5 drink/snack stands
2 picnic areas with seating
8 bathrooms
4 gift main gift shops
4 booth type specialty shopsthroughout park
2 first aid areas
1 administrative office area
ticket booths at entrance area
parking toll booth
parking area including handicap parking areas


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