bye bye diet drinks...

ok, I'll admit it....I was slightly addicted to Diet Coke
I just quit cold turkey a few weeks ago while on vacation
(and feeling icky from eating on the go, not enough water, etc...)

I was meandering around the bookstore and picked up
Paltrow's It's All Good 
which led me to other books....

Dr. Mercola's Sweet Deception

image via  available for purchase here
and through Amazon

take a minute to view this YouTube video from Dr. Mercola...

good news, however, Stevia is an option....
read the article HERE from Dr. Mercola
stevia, sweetener, aspartame, sugar, sweet, FDA, truvia

If you've read anything by Michael Pollan,
you can draw the parallel between the artificial sweetener industry 
and the corn industry (ie: high fructose corn syrup, etc...) 
image via 

I personally had been suffering from headaches, and
although I did know artificial sweeteners were not good for me...
I continued to guzzle the stuff in diet drinks....
Now it's water, organic cane sugar if totally necessary in tea
(we CAN live without the sweet stuff, eh?), and once in 
a while stevia with a cappuccino 

good to know :) 


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~julee~ said...

I gave up diet soda in March, and it was HARD to do! I was having some gut issues, and I attributed it to the soda. I'm drinking mostly water now, with a regular or natural soda about once a week when I have a fizzy drink craving. Good luck to you!


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