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wow! back-to-school has been super busy this year...
we moved to a beautiful new site, 
a brand-new real-life middle school {it's amazing}

I am so blessed to be teaching AVID
{the Summer Institute was the most inspiring conference I've ever attended}

So....what fun it has been creating these AVID "families" in my classroom

this is from our Question Web...

all you need is a great question and a skein of yarn or ball of twin,
start by giving the yarn to one student and asking the question...
we used this one..."If your house were burning down and you had 
five minutes to grab THREE things, what would you grab?"
The first student restates the question and gives his/her answer,
then {*important} after letting out a little slack on the yarn/string,
tosses it to another student...that student then restates the question, gives
his/her answer {*again important part....} lets a little slack out, then throws
the yarn to another.....
OMG it's so fun! 
With one of my AVID classes the yarn got all knotted up. I have never seen 
kids work together better than in this moment! It was like a scene from
Mission Impossible with the laser rays....too cute! 
try it for some great team building....you won't be sorry :) 


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