Thanksgiving printable

for this free, editable Thanksgiving printable...

so cute...

oh, and you can click HERE for more free printables from Heather...


placemat cuteness

yikes....I found the cutest paper placemats for Thanksgiving...
we took a fun fall trip to the mountains
and got lost in a darling little shop...
but you can find them online HERE 



spell check

both my friend and my mom spotted this at 

really? how does this happen?

spell check doesn't let you know when you 
have the incorrect word with the letters rearranged....
too funny :) 



blog lovin

omg you've got to go take a look at Across and Down....
Across and Down a Little Bit

I love to check out the Pleated Poppy's WIWW
pleated poppy
and found Misty through the links...super cute style :) 


chalkboard paint gift bags

I made these last fall...thought they would be cute to re-post after making a few this weekend :)

Try this inexpensive idea for holiday gift bags, school lunches, etc...

To begin, you will need lunch bags, black craft paint, foam brushes, chalk,
and any little decorative items you wish to use as an embellishment...
(if you pick up a copy of the Somerset Life Magazine turn to page 116)

Using your foam brush paint a rectangular shape onto the lunch bag...

Allow the paint to dry for about 20-30 minutes then create a design with chalk...

Snaz up the edge with some scrapbook scissors and then punch a hole near the top...

Fill the bag with goodies, lunch foods, or gifts...then tie up with a bit of raffia
and adorn with an embellishment such as the silk fall leaves I have here below...

How cute is this? 

As a true admirer of anything painted with chalkboard paint, this bag ranks
high on my list of sweet little projects! Wouldn't this be great to use for a 
birthday party filled with party favors?? 



chalk lettering

have you been eyeing all of these cute chalk lettering tutes on Pinterest? 
My Vintage Window: How I letter in chalk....

you can visit the site HERE to get the tutorial directly...

 ok, so my rendition is a little lame...but it was a first try...took 5 minutes....

maybe over the weekend I will have a bit more time for a do-over... :)



mod cloth love

yikes.....how cute is this sweater from Mod Cloth

Sweaters - Airport Greeting Cardigan in Forest

let's hope the reviews are accurate cuz I just ordered it in oatmeal :) 
I'm justifying it as a fall "staple"........

image via



"walk a mile in my shoes" activity

AVID has been so wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time.....
I love it to death....so grateful to have this opportunity to bring AVID to our site...

I had to share this cool activity called "Walk a Mile In My Shoes"

The kids design their own shoe (any type of shoe, boot, ballet shoe, 
cleat, dressy, athletic, etc...)

then they answer the following questions and write them 
around the shoe:
what do I like to talk about?
what do I dig my heels into?
what labels do I wear? (son, brother, Volcom, Quicksilver...these can be labels as a person and labels they like to wear...)
where do I do my soul searching?
where do I find my support?
what things am I always running around doing?
what keeps me on my toes? 
what brings water to my eyes?
what situations cause knots in my stomach? 

today the students presented their shoes in class...it was such a 
great activity! what a great way for the class to get to know each other :) 



Granny cart

My musician has hijacked the granny cart! 
This is our beach cart with a new purpose for fall 
and instruments ....haha :)

happy Tuesday! 
xo Melodee 


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